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QDP, a small business woman owned enterprise, has more than 15 years experience supporting partners in the Environmental Industry

Data Validation

QDP provides third party data validation services adhering to internal and external Quality Assurance programs.

QDP performs an independent review, assessment and validation of laboratory procedures used in analyzing the associated analytical data. The entire data package, Quality Assurance Project Plan, (QAPP), and Project specific protocol is utilized to validate the data.

QDP, a woman owned small business (NAICS 561990), has over 20 years experience on high profile projects and has a full understanding of the analytical chemistry including expertise in DoD, AFCEE, NELAC, ELAP data review and Quality Objectives.

Data assessment is a systematic process for reviewing a body of data against a predefined set of criteria to provide assurance that the data meets project Data Quality Objective (DQO) requirements.  The purpose of the data assessment process is to determine if and how the overall analytical processes and sample collection and handling procedures affect the usability of the analytical data.  Data assessment allows the data user to adequately determine if the data can be used for its intended purpose. 

The data acceptance criteria are established according to Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and Statements of Work (SOWs), Quality Assurance Project Plan, (QAPP) provided to the contracted analytical laboratory or the guidance documents. i.e. - Sw-846, Department of Defense, (DoD QSM), Air Force Center for Environmental Excellence, (AFCEE QAPP)

The steps and guidelines followed during the data validation process were modeled on the EPA's Laboratory Data Validation Functional Guidelines for Evaluating Inorganics Analysis, Laboratory Data Validation Functional Guidelines for Evaluating Organics Analysis. .

A summary narrative is provided with each report that will discuss validation flags as well as observations and professional assessment of any technical issues observed.

Data validation reports are provided electronically and are customized per your requirements.


Contact QDP @: QDP@quantumdataprocessing.com